Cake Smash Sessions

When you book a cake smash session with me, you get 3 Sessions in 1, all to celebrate the 1st Birthday of your child. 

Having said that, I offer cake smashes to any age child or adult!

Please view my Portfolio to see my Cake Smash Images

About the session…

I provide everything we need for the sessions, a custom made cake, decorations, outfit and more!  All designs, colour schemes etc are talked about before the session to make sure you get what you want!

First of all we start the session with a few simple portraits, my clients usually bring their child in a special outfit for this.  Then we make a quick clothing change and get baby into their Cake Smash Outfit for the smash!  After the smash, I have a cute little tin tub, which has a small amount of warm water, and lots and lots of bubbles, and we take some adorable images in there to end the session (and get clean) 😉   If your child has any food allergies, I must advise that you provide the cake, and if you’re child has any skin conditions or sensitivity to bubble bath, then please bring your own brand.

How long will the session last?

The session usually takes between 1-2 hours.  I aim to provide a minimum of 20 images in your gallery.

How To Book – Step by Step

1 –  50% of the total cost is payable upon booking due to the nature of the photoshoot and bespoke styling.  The remainder is due when you come and view your images

2 – Attend Your Session

3 – Come back to the studio 1-2 weeks after your session to view your images, and pay your remaining balance of £250

I accept all major credit and debit cards

Please note…If you are unable to attend your cake smash on your given session date, then you will be required to pay for another cake to be made at your rearranged shoot,

the cost of the cake is usually around £30-40 depending on requirements.



Free Trial






A 3 in 1 Photo Shoot of the following:

Portrait Session

Smash Session

Splash Session Cake

Decorations and Outfit Provided 

All designed and tailored to your own specifications

All of your images on a usb device

A beautiful slideshow of all your images set to music

10% off future photoshoots



I am very proud of the products I provide, and the professional labs that I use for your products are second to none in the industry,
and they provide us with a bespoke framing service, which is carried out in-house by their highly skilled framers using only the best materials. 

If you are opting for a framed product, then I supply a huge array of mouldings in different colours and sizes.


Framed SINGLE IMAGE Prints

12×8”       £99

16×12”      £149

24×16”      £199

24×24”      £230

30×20”      £245




Framed MONTAGE Prints

32×14” (5 images)      £299

24×24” (4 images)      £280

24×30” (6 images)      £359

24×24” (9 images)      £379







OPTION 1 (8 frames)     £425
2x 14×11″, 2x 10×8″, 2x 5×7″, 2x 7×5″


OPTION 2 (4 frames)     £299
2x 12×16″, 2x 8×12″


OPTION 3 (3 frames)     £300
1x 24×16″, 2x 12×16″


OPTION 4 (9 frames)     £459
9x 8×8″


OPTION 5 (5 frames)    £375
1x 24×20″, 4x 12×8″





5mm Crystal clear plexiglass
Facemounted with optically clear adhesive
Diamond & Flame polished edges
Supplied with white wooden subframe
Certified for 100+ years


12”      £75

20”      £169





Made from FSC certified Birch ply from sustainable forests.  A scratch-resistant and UV protective laminate is applied to give the product added longevity and the block is hung via stainless steel fixing plates with foam protectors to prevent damage to your wall



12”      £120

20”      £165