Newborn Sessions

I specialise in the delicate art of Newborn Photography, and have won many recognised awards for my work. 

I will create beautiful timeless images of your new arrival for you to treasure throughout the years.

As a Newborn Photographer, there is nothing more special than capturing those first few weeks of a brand new life, from that cute little nose, to those teeny tiny toes.

P L E A S E  B O O K  W H I L S T  Y O U  A R E  S T I L L  P R E G N A N T  T O  A V O I D   D I S A P P O I N T M E N T

Newborn Sessions generally take place when baby is between 5 and 21 days old


About the session…

Please feel at ease at your session. I am a mummy too, and I will handle your baby with great care. If baby becomes distressed at all, needs extra milk, or just a cuddle from Mum/Dad, then we can stop for that 🙂 baby runs the show! and their comfort is my priority throughout the session.

Please try to schedule babies feed for when you are due to arrive at the studio, this helps to make sure baby is nice and full, and in a milky deep sleep for the duration of the session, but don’t worry if this isn’t doable, we can take plenty of pit-stops. Also, if you can…try and keep baby active during their morning before the session, to achieve the poses you see on my page, baby needs to be in a nice deep sleep, and if they’ve spent all morning sleeping, then this will become more of a challenge throughout the session.

Dummies – If you have one, please bring it with you.  This is a huge help to sooth baby during the session, and can cut the session duration down by half rather than constant feeding that can sometimes occur. As it is used for such a short time baby will not become reliant on it if you prefer your baby not to have one. Some babies just settle better with a dummy during the session. Parents (and anyone else coming to the session), I must warn you, the studio will be very warm whilst you’re here, I am trying to create a womb environment to help keep baby settled and sleeping for the duration of their session, and inside your womb, baby was used to temperatures of around 36°, I won’t be going quite that warm, but around 29° celcius will be comfortable for them when they have no clothing on. My parent area has a fan so don’t worry too much.  If it’s a really hot summers day, then I most likely won’t need to use my heater, but be rest assured that I am monitoring baby at all times to make sure they don’t get too hot, or too cold.

Did you know…when you come for a newborn session with me, you have the option to choose some “Digital Prop Backdrops”?   They are beautiful!! please See them here  

Using various elements, and my skill in Photoshop, I have created an array of Digital Backdrops.  I make these Digital Backdrops for the following reasons… 1.  I really enjoy making them, 2. It adds more variety to your gallery, and 3. I couldn’t possibly have enough space or money to have all these beautiful props in my studio, and they are digitally designed by me, so you cannot find them anywhere on the market, which makes it quite a bespoke item to include in your newborn session.

If you would like to choose up to 5 Digital Backdrops, free of charge, I will endeavour to include as many of your chosen backdrops as I can in your final gallery.  I have to plan your session to incorporate these digital backdrops, so if you do want some, please let me know.  I will send you a prep questionnaire once you are booked in with me.

How long will the session last?

Newborn photo shoots can last anywhere between 1 – 4 hours (usually around 2 1/2) depending on how settled baby is. I always allocate 4 hours, just in case! However, this has only ever happened once. Your newborn session should be a relaxed and enjoyable experience, baby will always lead the session, and if you follow my advice on here, it was maximise the success of the shoot.

How much does it cost?

£70 upon booking, this retainer payment secures your session date.  I have taken this retainer payment off my Collections so the price you see below, is what you will pay at your Viewing & Ordering session.  I aim to provide a minimum of 20 images in your gallery for you to choose from.

When your session ends, we will pencil you in the diary for your Viewing & Ordering session, where you will select your desired collection.  Your Viewing Appointment which will be arranged within 7-14 days of your session date.  At your appointment you will view your entire gallery on a beautiful slideshow. You can comfortably sit and go through your images to select your favourites and discuss any wall art requirements if you wish.  All products and images chosen are to be purchased at this time.  I have an à la carte product menu where you can choose additional items.



I accept all major credit and debit cards


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Further to your chosen collection, products may be purchased from my product menu.

I just cannot wait to get into my office and start editing your images, so my turnaround is pretty fast! I aim to have a sneak peek available for you within 48 hours, and the rest of your gallery finished and ready for your Viewing Appointment withing 7-10 days. I pride myself on delivering the perfect image to you, and that means the editing takes time, especially since most babies have their usual skin issues (milk spots, flaky skin, uneven skin tones etc)