Twin Girls – newborn photoshoot


I was SO excited when I had my enquiry for a Twin Newborn Photoshoot! 

Baby J  Baby A came to me at just 9 days old.  I adored how they snuggled up to each other, which made my job a little easier as they settled each other, as long as they were together they were happy, how sweet is that?!

Anyway, enjoy this double dose of cuteness xx 

twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast7 twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast2 twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast3 twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast5 twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast1 twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast6 twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast8 twin-newborn-photography-baby-photoshoot-bishopauckland-countydurham-northeast4


Sarah at Remember When Photography has been photographing Newborns for many years now, and has received numerous recognised awards for her images.  She serves families from Bishop Auckland, County Durham and beyond.

If you are having a baby or would like family portraits, I’d love to hear from you –  Contact Me Here


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