Why Newborn Photography Sessions Are 2-4 Hours Long

During my time in Newborn Photography, it has surprised me that no-one has questioned this after I send over their prep guide…  Perhaps they ponder this to themselves? Why on earth is the session going to take so long?

Well, there are a few reasons for this…

The first 30 minutes (ish) is generally spent having a little chat whilst you feed, get baby undressed, then I wrap baby up and settle them into their first pose of the session.  Some babies are asleep when they arrive and remain quite settled, so we can get cracking straight away! however, most babies need to be settled first, because they’ve either fallen asleep in the car, or just need a bit more cuddling, rocking, bouncing to get them settled back down into a milky sleep, but don’t worry!  I have an abundance of patience for your little one, and will spend however long it takes, plus it allows me to enjoy some lovely newborn snuggle time!

Then we get going… I have various shots planned for your session, these include at least 1 bowl pose, 1 bed pose, 1 crate pose, and then we move onto the beanbag, where I will attempt to carry out a minimum of 4 poses.  Babies are usually quite good at being moved around and re-settled from pose to pose, but there may be a time when baby decides to fully wake, and need you for some food!!  We take as many feeding stops as necessary, usually one top up will do!  Then I get back to it, and finish off your session.

I want to make sure that your images are PERFECT! the lighting has to be perfect, so there are no harsh shadows or glaringly awful highlights.  The angles have to be perfect, so that everything looks in proportion.  The pose has to be perfect, I want to see all your babies little fingers, and as you know, babies love clenching their fists, so it takes time and delicacy to persuade them to let go of that first position!  Some babies go into poses with little effort, whereas other babies may need some gentle encouragement, but I will never force a baby to do something if I feel they are in any discomfort.   Sometimes your baby will pee or poop, now remember that during some poses, they have no nappy on, so I need to change out my fabrics and clean baby up, then we start that pose again.

Please remember the session will be booked for up to 3-4 hours, it is very rare that I’ve had to take this long, usually we are finished up in under 3 hours.

So basically, you have a couple of hours to relax!  I have water, juice and biscuits, and a couple of nice comfy chairs!  Why not bring a magazine, a tablet, or catch up on that book you never get time to read, and let me take care of your baby whilst I do my thing and create beautiful images for you to treasure!

Sarah xx


Sarah at Remember When Photography has been photographing Newborns for many years now, and has received numerous recognised awards for her images.  She serves families from Bishop Auckland, County Durham and beyond.

If you are having a baby or would like family portraits, I’d love to hear from you –  Contact Me Here





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